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To Educate and to Serve

The OUHK Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare is much more than a physical expansion of the OUHK campus. It is an education initiative which would bring long-lasting benefits to the Hong Kong society. With the establishment of the new Institute, we will be able to significantly improve our teaching and learning environment for our students, develop more community initiatives, and nurture more professionals to cater to the future healthcare needs of our society. This is especially important as we face the challenge of an aging society.

Please join us and invest in the next generation of healthcare workforce. The OUHK prides ourselves in our flexibility to respond to urgent manpower needs in our society, and we have laid down concrete plans to ensure the provision of quality training for healthcare professionals.

The Government’s 7th Matching Grant Scheme has been launched, with a maximum grant of $100 million per institution. All donations collected before 31 July 2019 will be eligible for matching on either a dollar-for-dollar (up to the floor of $12 million) or a $1 grant for $2 donation basis (beyond the floor) until the grant is depleted or we have met the ceiling. This is a competitive scheme and your timely gift would ensure that we can multiply the impact of your benevolence.

Your support is crucial to realizing this important mission to better Hong Kong’s medical services. You can be rest assured that every dollar you give will be put to the best use.


Donations of HK$100 or above is tax deductible. If you have any suggestions or ideas on the donation format that you want to discuss with us in person, please do not hesitate to contact our Public Affairs Unit.


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FAX             +852 2789-0323

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